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Sam Kracht and Mackenzie Delrosso joined the fun at Tawakoni by earning the Top Veteran Angler award that is sponsored by Heroes Outdoor Therapy (HOT). The award goes to the veteran boat with the heaviest fish of the tournament. Kracht and Mackenzie earned the award with a 51.82-pound blue cat. The team finished the tournament in 20th place with a total weight of 168.15 pounds.

Since the team had not fished Tawakoni before they pulled into town on Sunday before the tournament to do some prefishing and set their strategy. They found some fish that were in a transition mode from deeper to shallower water. They determined that the key to putting fish in the boat was to find active fish and fish on the rope.

“We found fish immediately,” reported Kracht. “We tried drifting through the week, but the water was just too cold and we didn’t get many bites. We found that anchoring produced more fish. We followed the fish from 30 feet deep at first, to 5 feet deep by Wednesday. It was the spring pattern you want.”

There were 4 inches of rain and a cold front the night before the tourney began. It was apparently enough to shut the bite down for the fish Kracht and Delrosso was on.

“We fished shallow water,” confirmed Delrosso. “It was anywhere from 2 to 7 feet deep. We tried pulling boards, but just like earlier in the week but the bite was still too slow. Anchoring was definitely the way to go. The rain helped warm the water coming into the lake, but I think the key was fishing shallow. We used cut shad for bait.”

After struggling on day one Kracht and Delrosso decided to relax and try to find some active fish in new places. They went to the southern end of the lake where they found fish in places similar to where they had found them on the north end.

“Tawakoni is a great catfishing lake,” Delrosso said. “It is definitely different than the lakes I’m used to fishing. It doesn’t have real current but the Thursday night rainstorm produced 4 inches of rain which definitely change the bite.”

catfish, tournament, blue cat, flathead, CatMasters, Texas, Bryan St. Alma, Tawakoni, Veteran“After our 3rd spot, we finally landed the 52-pound fish,” concluded Kracht. “We worked the area and came out with a nice limit. We knew we had a good fish but knowing what that lake produces we did not expect it to hold for any big fish. We were happy when we looked at the results and saw that we held the Veteran Big Fish. It was kind of a surprise. The Catmasters put on a great tournament. I hope to fish more of their tournaments in the future.”

Note: The CatMasters had 230 anglers on 95 teams weighed a total of 9,191.02 pounds of Tawakoni catfish and all were released alive.