LB-DETW-6.8.10 – L Bracket to attach a Transducer Shield to a Detwiler Jack Plate


Adaptor Bracket used to attach Transducer Shield to the side of Detwiler 6″, 8″ and 10″ Jack Plates

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Product Description

Item # LB-DETW-6.8.10 L Adaptor Bracket is built in High Quality Aluminum Alloy, Black Powder Coated and includes stainless steel hardware.

It’s designed to fit Detwiler 6″, 8″ and 10″ Jack Plates.

A transducer cannot be attached to any of our L. Brackets without a Transducer Shield®.

Please add one of the following Transducer Shields® to your shopping cart when ordering your L. Bracket.


(1)  Item # TM-Csi fits Humminbird® XNT 9 SI 180T side image transducer

(2)  Item # TM-Di  fits Humminbird® XNT 9 DI T down image transducer

(3)  Item # TM-HDsi fits Humminbird® XHS HDSI 9 180T side image transducer

(4)  Item # TM-ONIX-1 fits Huminbird® XT 14 20 HDSI T side image transducer


(1)  Item # TS-Dsi fits Lowrance® down scan transducer # 000-10260-001

(2)  Item # TS-HDI-2 fits Lowrance® hybrid dual image transducer # 000-10976-001 (83/200kHz)

(3)  Item # TS-LSS-1 fits Lowrance® LSS1 structure scan transducer

(4)  Item # TS-LSS2-L  fits the Lowrance® LSS2 structure scan transducer

(5)  Item # TS-LSS-3D fits Lowrance® LSS1 and Pod transducers together

(6)  Item # TS-LSS2-3D fits Lowrance® LSS2 and Pod transducers together


If your Detwiler Jack Plate was installed by Bass Cat Boats spacers will be required.

On Skeeter ZX model boats, the hull turning chines interfere with the side viewing signal.  To help correct this problem it is necessary to add an extension between the L Bracket and Transducer Shield®

Please complete the questionnaire when placing your order.  The more information that we have about your boat and jack plate, the better we can assist you.  Contact us if you need further assistance.

Transducer Shield & Saver Installation video DETWILER 8” hydraulic jack plate

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 3 in
Type of Trolling Motor