For transom installation to protect your transducer from side to side and front to back impact.  Ideal for boats with flat transoms and for boats without a jack plate.  Recommended as an added accessory to our SBB-4 Spring Back Bracket.

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Product Description

Item # AP-HX-1 s built in High Quality Aluminum Alloy and Black Powder Coated for installation on the boat transom.  This product is designed to fit Humminbird® MEGA SI transducer # XM 9 20 MSI T or SOLIX SI transducer # XM 14 20 MSI T.   To ensure that you are ordering the correct Armor Plate, please enlarge the images for transducer recognition. It is very important that you know YOUR transducer when ordering this product. The transducer number can be found labeled on the cable closest to the transducer plug.

Our Armor Plates are designed to protect the transducer from side to side as well as front and back impact. They are designed as an added attachment to our SBB-4 Spring Back Bracket for all around transducer protection.  Consider ordering a Spring Back Bracket SBB-4 when ordering the Armor Plate.  If the Armor Plate is installed anywhere other than on the transom, for example on the set back wall, some shimming may be required if the transducer angle needs to be adjusted.  WARNING:  We do not recommend the Spring Back Bracket and Armor Plate on the set back wall.  It could reduce the flow of water to the engine.

The Armor Plate includes stainless steel hardware and easy Do-It Yourself instructions. Please view our Spring Back Bracket installation video before installation.   Your Humminbird® factory bracket will not be required with an Armor Plate. 

It is very important that you complete the questionnaire when ordering this item.  The information you provide will help us to assist you better and avoid a delay in shipping your order.

Proudly Designed and Built in the USA

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